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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Our services

Our firm sits down with the client and discusses the goals and wishes of the client's estate. We can draft your Will to your wishes and desires to how you want your property distributed at that time.

We can also draft a Power of Attorney for financial decisions and/or medical decisions. We can also draft an advanced directive to direct the hospital how to act in certain medical situations.

Last Will and Testament

The Last Will and Testament is a document that will direct how your estate will be distributed at that time. We have the ability to draft your Will to your specific needs. We will take the time to sit down and discuss the your options with you.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is an important document that allows another person to make decisions on your behalf. This document can be drafted to only come into effective if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

A power of attorney can be drafted for medical decisions or  financial decisions. You can either have both drafted or only one. 

Advanced Directive

An advanced directive, also called a Living Will, is a document that allows a hospital to understand which actions should be taken in case you are in end-stage medical condition or terminal condition. This is similar to a Power of Attorney, but you have already made the decision of how to continue if these situations arise. 

It is a helpful legal document and helps take the burden off of your loved ones when a decision needs to be made.

Finalizing the Documents

Our office has peope available to witness and notzarize your documents. This allows for finalizing your documents with ease.